OneMart Supermarket



OneMart Supermarket is the flagship store of K-Mark’s Foods 1996 Ltd. The company has been making sure fresh fruits and vegetables are available consistently to the British Virgin Islands since 1986. Over the years the business evolved from a small mom and pop store called Fruit & Vegetable Basket selling only produce, to a full supermarket with extended departments for home goods, appliances and furniture.

The business was founded by Mark & Judith Vanterpool and their family, and is now a leading food service provider for hotels, restaurants, yacht provisioning and groceries. OneMart focuses on providing a wide selection of products, excellent service and good value for customers. The personal touch and emphasis on taking care of its customers has earned OneMart the affectionate nickname, “The People’s Store”.

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Phone: +1 284 494 4649

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Monday - Friday 7:00 AM - 10:00 PM

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